Representative Selection of Iqraa Trust Projects

Donation Of R 100 000 (R 50 000 Towards Income Generating Project And R 50 000 Towards The Establishment Of A Skills Training Project)

project St-Helena-Sandveld-Hospice

St Helena Sandveld Hospice is located in Vredenburg in the Western Cape.

St Helena Sandveld Hospice’s vision is to provide quality palliative care for all in the Saldanha Bay and Berg River Municipal areas.

The Hospice promotes quality of life, dignity in death and provides support in bereavement for all who are affected by life threatening illnesses through direct patient care, early intervention and the training, supervision and mentorship in palliative care of strategic partner organisations.

Iqraa Trust has assisted the Hospice with a grant of R 50 000 to set up an income generating project in Langebaan and an additional R 50 000 to set up a training facility and job creation project for community members infected or affected by HIV/AIDS.

Grant – R50 000

project_shangri-laShangri-La aims to minimise the negative impact of serious spinal and other injuries causing disability and thereby improve quality of life. One way of achieving this is by developing Independent Community Living facilities for disabled persons. Such centres facilitate safe, dignified, respectful accessible, caring and supportive living environments for persons living with disabilities. Community based support services are offered to those living at the Independent Living Facility and also to targeted individuals in the surrounding community through peer counselling, regular home and hospital visits and transport services.

Iqraa Trust has donated R50 000 to support this centre and their work.

Grant – R 150 000

project_DurbanCoastal2Durban and Coastal Mental Health actively works with the community to achieve the highest possible level of mental Health for people having difficulty coping with everyday life, and those with psychiatric illness and intellectual disabilities.

The Organisation operates 7 Residential Care Centres, 9 Protective Workshops and 9 Day Care Centres (Happy Hours) for profoundly handicapped children. In addition Durban and Coastal Mental Health provides social work services to communities through its Treatment Programme and Preventative and Community Development Programme.

Iqraa Trust’s has contributed R 150 000 towards the establishment of new and upgraded facilities for the Kwa-Ximba Day Care Centre which serves a community that is poor, rural in nature and highly disadvantaged. The children come from the areas of Kwa-Ximba, Inchanga, Kwa-Swayimane and surrounding areas. The Day Care Centre caters for 32 severely and profoundly disabled children for whom there are no special schools in the area.

Grant – R100 000

project_TopsyThe Topsy Foundation NPC, is a fully-registered and internationally respected South African Non Profit Organisation and Public Benefit Organisation which provides relief services to some of South Africa’s most under resourced rural communities. This is done through a multi-faceted approach to the consequences of HIV and AIDS and extreme poverty. The Topsy Foundation NPC partners with rural communities, empowering people infected with, and infected by, HIV and AIDS, through medical care, social support and skills development.

Topsy has a future vision of flourishing rural communities, where a generation of young people who, in spite of the impact of HIV and AIDS, are productive participants in society. Iqraa Trust has donated R100  000 towards these various programmes.

Grant - R 100 000

Refocus And Upliftment Foundation(RAUF)was established to combat the scourge of substance abuse and other social ills by empowering the community through counselling, rehabilitation, skills development, family support and the implementation of community awareness strategies.

RAUF maintains A Halfway House Treatment centre for 40 male substances abusers and has plans to establish a Halfway House Treatment Centre for 20 female substance abusers.

Iqraa Trust’s grant of R 100 000 will enable the Centre to improve the security at the current Halfway House Treatment Centre.

Education & Training


Education has the potential to uplift communities, alleviate poverty, create a skilled job market and...

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Welfare & Social Development

Welfare &Social Development

Iqraa Trust focuses mainly on the young, specifically orphaned, neglected and abused children.

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Iqraa Trust recognizes that there is a dire need in South Africa to provide access to quality health care...

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