• Vehicles for Various Organisations

    Iqraa Trust Donates R1 913 000 to Various Organisation Towards the Purchase of New Vehicle’s

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  • Ongoing Mediterranean Crisis

    Iqraa Trust donates R4 056 796 to the refugees.

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  • Solar Panels & Wind Turbines

    Iqraa Trust supports many schools in KwaZulu-Natal and surrounding areas to connect to clean energy by providing schools with Solar Panels & Wind Turbines.

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  • Healthcare

    Iqraa Trust Has Contributed R20 283 980 in Donations to Various Organizations within the Health Sector.

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  • Education & Skills Development

    Iqraa Trust and UKZN ‘Builds’ The African City Of The Future

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  • Caps Science Books

    Iqraa Trust Donates R 100 000 towards Caps Science Books R 100 000 towards Caps Science Books to 16 Chatsworth Schools

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  • Learnership Program

    The Learnership program with Limco Consulting, MICT SETA and Sky Media.

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Eligibility Criteria for Students Loans

  1. IQRAA Trust will consider providing assistance to any disadvantaged South African student intending to pursue studies at the tertiary level at an accredited tertiary academic institution which is registered with the Department of Higher Education and Learning in South Africa. Assistance will be granted to students intending to pursue a career in any field. 

  2. Assistance to students will be provided in the form of an interest free student loan which will be repayable to the Trust in accordance with agreed terms and conditions. Assistance provided in any one year does not in any way imply or guarantee that Iqraa Trust will continue to provide assistance in subsequent years of study. Students who have been granted assistance will therefore have to reapply for assistance each year.

  3. Details on student loan
    • The student loan will be provided on a profit-free/interest free basis.
    • IQRAA Trust reserves the right to levy a non-refundable application fee which is intended to enable the Trust to cover the cost of administering the scheme, the current fee is R100.
    • The student will have to repay the total amount advanced by IQRAA Trust in monthly instalments over a period which is equivalent to the period of study for which the assistance was granted.

  4. Commencing of repayments are structured on the following basis
    • In cases where the applicant does not have the funds to pay the fees immediately (when required by the institution) but the applicant or his parents are considered to have the capacity to accumulate the required funds during the year of study, the applicant (or his parents) will be required to repay the loan concurrently while studying and accordingly repayments will commence immediately after the loan has been advanced.
    • In cases where an assessment of affordability indicates that the student or his parents may not have the funds nor do they have the capacity to accumulate the funds during the year, the student will be required to commence repayments immediately upon the completion of his studies. In such cases the Trust, at its sole discretion, may require the student to pay an amount monthly as repayment towards the loan concurrently while studying.
    • Part time students, if employed, will have to repay the loan concurrently while studying.

  5. Qualification criteria
    • The applicant must be able to demonstrate through his performance at school or at any other tertiary institution that he/she can excel academically and that he/she has the potential to complete his/her studies successfully
    • Students must meet the minimum requirements for entry into the chosen field of study at an accredited tertiary academic institution.
    • The applicant must demonstrate the potential and willingness to repay the loan. An assessment of the ability of the applicant to repay the loan will take into account any other obligations that the applicant may incur in securing the required funding to pursue his studies.
    • The applicant must have a stable background and a character and personality which demonstrates a sincerity and commitment to complete his studies successfully.
    • The applicant must agree to participate in any programs including mentoring programs which IQRAA Trust may implement to assist all beneficiaries of the "student loan scheme"
    • The applicant and the guarantors must comply with the normal criteria used by financial institutions to assess creditworthiness. This would include checks with credit bureaus, banks and other organisations where the applicant enjoys credit facilities.

  6. All applicants must complete an Application Form which can be obtained from Iqraa Trust’s offices or downloaded from our website.
    • Closing date for Student applications are on the 28th of February Yearly.

Application form for Student Loan Funding

All applicants must complete an Application Form which can be obtained from Iqraa Trust’s offices or downloaded from our website.

Download Application Form

Please note that the completed application form together with attachments must be hand delivered or posted to Iqraa Trust’s Offices. E-mailed or faxed application forms will not be accepted.

Applying for Assistance

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