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About The Iqraa Trust Knowledge Centre

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Dr. Mahmoud Youssef Baker, the Chairman of Iqraa Trust took the initiative to establish the Iqraa Trust Knowledge Centre to use it as a platform to provide training programmes to learners, parents and teachers in all grades to enhance their learning, parenting and teaching skills. Some of the other programs that we organize regularly at the Centre are public lectures on various topics, including training on governance and tax issues to Non- profit Organisations, training on fundraising in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and career planning.

The Centre, located inside Hunt Road Secondary School was a very ugly building and was about to collapse. Iqraa Trust signed an agreement with the Department of Education and the Governing Body of the school to have exclusive rights to renovate and re-design the place. In this regard, Iqraa Trust is very grateful Mr. Mkhize, the Principal of Hunt Road Secondary School for all of his assistance in securing the necessary approvals. The total cost of the renovations and equipment was R1.5 Million and took about one and a half years to complete.

It was a long journey and Dr. Baker is grateful to all of the Iqraa Trust staff who assisted in this process especially Ms. Candice Govender, the Office Manager and also the Manager of the Iqraa Trust Knowledge Centre.

In addition to the Iqraa Trust programmes, the Iqraa Trust Knowledge Centre started to be used by many Non-Profit Organisations and is available for hire for training purposes at a minimum fee to keep the Centre clean and in good condition.

Main Facilities Of The Centre

The main hall can take up to 100 seats and the smaller hall can take up to 30 seats.

Modern chairs and tables, stage and podium, sound system, air-conditioners and fans, projectors, TV screen, fully equipped kitchen, small library, fast internet connection, free parking at Hunt Road Secondary School and Spar parking lot.

The centre is used for many purposes such as:

  • Community hall available for leasing

  • E- learning Maths and Science

  • Computer Centre

  • Workshops and seminars

  • Public Lectures

  • Graduation Ceremonies

  • Arts and Culture events

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