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Disaster Relief


Iqraa Trust donates R250 000 to support the victims of the war between Israel and Hamas in Palestine (2023)

The donation in the amount of R250 000 was made to support the innocent civilians affected by the current war between Israel and Hamas. This war in the Middle East has killed thousands of people, destroyed homes, hospitals and healthcare facilities in Gaza. The ongoing power shortages impact essential services like health, water and sanitation leaving people completely desperate. The Palestinian civilians are dependent on humanitarian assistance to survive. 

Iqraa Trust donates R100 000 to support the victims of the earthquake in Syria

After enduring more than a decade of war, there was no escape from the destruction of the earthquake that killed many people in Syria on the 06th of February 2023.

Thousands of lives were lost, homes and buildings completely demolished in the initial earthquake and thousands more are at risk given the destruction of infrastructure and freezing

Iqraa Trust donates R150 000 to support the victims of the earthquake in Turkey

The devasting earthquake that hit Turkey on 06th February 2023 killed thousands of people and rendered millions homeless. Survivors are faced with an uncertain future.

Iqraa Trust Donates R250 000 to support the victims of the massive floods in Pakistan

Unprecedented levels of monsoon rainfall, have resulted in widespread flooding across Pakistan. More than a thousand lives have been lost and over 30 million impacted. The floods have destroyed hundreds of thousands of homes and displaced countless families. Livelihoods have been destroyed, and infrastructure have been severely damaged.


Iqraa Trust Donates R250 000 to Denis Hurley during the covid 19 pandemic lock down

In March 2020 during the covid 19 pandemic lockdown, the Denis Hurley Centre (DHC) set up up a residential shelter for the homeless in Durban.


Iqraa Trust Donates R200 000 to the Solidarity Fund (created by the President of South Africa) in March 2020 during the covid 19 pandemic lockdown

The Solidarity Fund was created by the South African President to help people who were negatively impacted by the covid 19 pandemic lockdown.

Iqraa Trust donates R 4 million to support disaster relief efforts Locally and Internationally

We are writing this letter in acknowledgement and appreciation of the funds which were contributed by Iqraa Trust for use in response to the refugee crisis. We confirm that said funds will be used as part of the response to the ongoing refugee crisis internationally and locally. We are grateful for this contribution and pray that it will be a source of great relief and comfort for the refugee beneficiaries.

Disaster Relief: Programs
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