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Adam Mohamed is one of our brilliant students that studied at Durban Boys High School. He was always the top learner of his class and has been achieving an A aggregate throughout his schooling career. Adam is of Egyptian origin, born in Durban South Africa. Arabic is his home language but he learned English at a young age. His hobbies include reading, playing music, swimming, skating and surfing.

Adam recently matriculated from Durban Boys High School and completed A-level examinations in Computer Science, Physics and Mathematics with AS-levels in Chemistry and English. This year Adam was awarded a bursary to study Computer Science and Mathematics at Harvard University, in Boston Massachusetts, USA. His areas of interest include Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computing and Psychology. He also intends to pursue research in these fields and is expected to complete his studies in 2025.


Naseem Essa is another brilliant student of ours. He completed his Cambridge AS levels at Durban Boys High School in the year of 2020, achieving an A grade in Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

His aspirations lie in the fields of medicine and computer science and he has applied to the University of KwaZulu Natal, the University of Witwatersrand, Stellenbosch University and the University of Cape Town for the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery Degree as his 1st choice.

Naseem is a chess player and obtained his national chess colours at a very young age. He has represented South Africa in various international events around the world, such as the World Youth Chess Champions held in Russia, and the World Chess Olympiad, held in India. Naseem has been awarded a Sports Bursary at the University of KwaZulu Natal in lieu of his National Colours for Chess.

Naseem works closely with a NPO, where he coaches chess to educators from the rural areas.
Naseem has a keen interest in music and its theoretical aspects. Guitar is his medium of expression and blues is his favourite genre to perform.


Adam Mohamed (left) & Naseem Essa (right)